For Baga

The world watches
The harmattan winds brought a new hardness to their cold hearts
Our children are slain in broad daylight
Fathers shot as they shield their children from the messengers of death.
Mothers burnt alive saying their last prayers
Destinies that will never be fufilled
In a country where lives are squandered
Where politics is more important than humanity
The world watches
Waiting for the message of hope from the lips of our leaders
A message of comfort
But instead we get pictures
Pictures tell a thousand words
Telling us they we are just pawns
In the grand scheme of things
It doesn’t matter whether we die or not
We are dispensable, disposable and worthless.
I’m not sad. I’m angry
The world watches, unabashed.
(c) Omolara Kolawole, 2014

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Luke Ogar says:

    I wished to have liked this poem with a smiling face. Sadly, it’s not. Tragedy at our doorstep.


    1. 'Lola Oti says:

      Our neighbour’s house is on fire and we cannot sleep. Stand up Nigeria! Beautiful piece Lara.


  2. Reblogged this on Dr Clifford – @Worship_Maniac and commented:
    Kindly read! #Nigeria #Baga


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