What if God’s Heart Really Beats for You?

Have you ever felt the love of a father?
Strong, yet tender
As deep as it is wide
Have you ever experienced the touch of a lover?
The kind that leaves you reeling with joy
And tingling with excitement from head to toe
Yet it’s nothing compared to the love of the eternal God

His love is perfect
Unyielding and unchanging
He never leaves
He never throws in the towel
He is a perfect lover
Better than anyone you have ever known.

He is – healer and restorer
Nothing is broken beyond His ability to heal
No one has gone further than His ability to reach them in their brokenness

I hope you know this love that knows no bounds,
I hope you come to know this God that gave up His privileges
So that you could call Him -Father
I hope you know this crazy, unrelenting, wild and passionate love of God the Father
The King who loves to woo you
The Friend who wants to know you
The lover whose heart beats intensely for you

Would you let Him in, friend?
All He needs is your “yes”


©Olamide Oti

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