Forgive, and Forget

The human mind is a powerful tool, can’t imagine that we would have been able to accomplish so much in terms of technological advancement without our minds. I’m a little fascinated with one aspect of our minds and intellect, and that’s memory. I’ve always found it quite interesting that we forget certain things so easily. For example birthdays, anniversaries, names of colleagues and acquaintances, and so on. On the other hand, we hold on so tenaciously to some other things as though our lives depended on them, for example,our ATM pins(I’ve forgotten this before, by the way), our house addresses and some other very unforgettable details.

It would be abnormal if we forgot these important details, so much so that a loving relative would think a trip to the doctor would be appropriate in that situation. Life is good, but we get knocks here and there. Knocks that are designed to knock us out of the race, but God! So what do we do when we’re hurt by our loved ones.

It’s easy to sing the ‘forgive and forget’ song if we’ve never been hurt. But we have all been there at some point. I still remember that time in primary school when my best friend at the time made fun of the gift I got her for her birthday, let’s just say things were never quite the same between us after that. Over and over in scripture, God tells us He hasn’t only forgiven us, He has also forgotten. I guess it’s a little challenging for us to truly believe that, how the Creator of the universe can forget our worst sins and cast it as far as the East is from the West.

God’s love is intangible, we can’t run it between our fingers or dive to the depths of it. It is as high as the heaven is above the earth! We’re so hard on ourselves sometimes, that we still remember our failings when God has said He doesn’t. We refer to it often in conversations, we write about it and stick it on the walls to ensure that we never forget. Am I then suggesting, that we should all enter a brain reset program and selectively erase bad memories, no.

God’s ways are far above ours, His thoughts are nothing like our thoughts. When He looks at us, He doesn’t see us in the light of our past failings and mistakes but in the light of His word. To forget means we no longer give the past any power over us, we take our lessons and move on. Only referring to these mistake as a testimony to the goodness and the mercy of God. I dare say it is impossible to truly forgive someone without a revelation of the love of God, and without total dependence on His amazing grace.

Paul, was an accomplice to the death of Stephen, one of the early apostles. After His encounter with Jesus Christ, he became a new man, one who received the grace and the mercy of God. Paul never referred to that incident in his writings to the church, nor did Jesus refer to it again when he appeared to him throughout His ministry.

As the men stripped Jesus, and beat him without mercy, His legitimate prayer request should have been for God to pay them back, but He said, “forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing”.

Can we take a step today to let someone go, even without repentance on the side of the offender? Can we take a step to forgive ourselves because God through Christ has forgiven us and can we extend this grace to our neighbours too? (May we not be tempted beyond what we can bear).

Share a comment below if you like, tell me about a time when you had to forgive, and forget.

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