The Story of 2019; Grace like Rain

2019 has been a year of great grace. I encountered the grace and kindness of God in ways that I had not known before.

This year, I learned how to fight- behind closed doors and on my knees. I saw God come through for me as the Lion of Judah, the Lamb, the Great Provider, the Healer, Light, Guide, Teacher… Indeed, I saw the mercies of God this year much more than ever before.

IMG_5485-1I took steps of faith, small and big…but God never failed me. I am so full of joy because I am His and He is mine. Jesus is on this journey of life with me and that makes all the difference.

I enjoyed writing this year. I wrote poems, psalms and articles. Some of which are unpublished. My creativity was stretched this year and I learned to lean on God more for inspiration and guidance. Distractions were a challenge but by the grace of God, I have overcome them all.

I look forward to being a better steward of my gifts in the years to come, surprises await you here in the new year. Thank you for reading my posts, thanks for sharing, and commenting.

Cheers to more of God in the new year!

©Olamide Akappo(nee Oti)


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