You’ll get through this

“You’ll get through this” by Max Lucado is based on the story of Joseph. A milder version of what we can relate to, if the Bible was fiction it would make total sense, it would be as if God uses this fictional story of hardship to show that it is possible to have peace in hard times, it’s possible to focus on what God has placed in front of you and do it well, it is possible to honor God even when it feels like he has abandoned you.

But the Bible is not fiction, Joseph was a man that went through all this and was faithful in God’s seeming unfaithfulness. Joseph couldn’t have understood what was happening to him, nothing in his present situation seemed related to his God given vision, it was as if God spoke and then left the building. That last part I can totally relate to, God speaks and then just silence and I feel like God why are you quiet, but I feel the Holy Spirit saying what did I tell you last.

My story and yours, pales in comparison to what Joseph endured. Joseph is the living definition of Patience, which is not the ability to wait, the ability to act well while waiting. Joseph is patience goals, anytime I read the story of Joseph, I always wonder how it is possible to go through all this and still be at peace. This is the level of trust in God that I aspire to have.
The thing that keeps me from getting to this level of trust is the uncertainty of it all. But I have come to realize that it is complete nonsense(forgive my language). Uncertainty, that word does not exist, we are never uncertain, because God’s word is true and he honors it more than his own name.. He says that he has good plans for us, no matter what happens, that is the end game. He said all things will work together for our good that means both good and bad.
I believe this is what kept Joseph at peace, in the pit, in the palace and in prison. He knew the word of God was true no matter what, and that through all things we are more than conquerors, we are overcomers.

So get your mind out of the pit, speak the word of God over yourself, be like Joseph, trust God all the way. And then ask yourself, what is in front of me while I’m in this pit, where can I put myself to use? Joseph served in the Palace like it was what God called him to do, he served in the prison like he was destined to do so. Where has God placed you now?
Keep calm and carry on!

This book review was written by ©Tarajusttruth, one of the new voices on Our prayer is that this post resonates with you and meets you right where you are! Amen.

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