Your Worship is Warfare

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! -Psalm 150:6

God made every human being with a God-sized void and a desire to worship something. His desire and hope is that we would choose to acknowledge Him in every thing that He made, and turn our hearts to Him in eternal worship starting here on earth. So what happens when we set ourselves aside in complete adoration of the God who made us?

Remember the woman who broke her alabaster box at Jesus’s feet in worship and total adoration as onlookers berated her for being ‘wasteful’. To Jesus, her action carried so much weight- she was anointing His body for burial without even knowing it. To the disciples who scolded her, this worship could just as easily have been diverted into the purses in other words, they also wanted to be ‘worshipped’ in a way.
This woman was violent about her pursuit, there was something quite powerful about what she did. She worshipped without words.

David was a worshipper. The Psalms that we all love so much was his personal hymn book filled with the songs he wrote in honour of the God who anointed him. As his resume was reeled out to Saul who needed a musician to alleviate his suffering, he was said to be a harp player. Every time David worshipped, the demons that tormented Saul’s mind fled because God came into the room.

As Paul and Silas worshipped God behind bars, He came and broke off there chains. I imagine God’s footsteps caused the earth to quake. Worship is spiritual but it has significant impact on situations and circumstances in the physical.

As Jehoshaphat and the children of Israel worshipped God, He could confused the armies that came against them. Again,its curious to note that it was the moment they began to worship. The moment God stomped into the picture, everything shifted. This was worship on a national level. Imagine with me for a moment, what could happen if a whole nation begins to worship God, the possibilities are endless. Our worship is an invitation to God to come. To come and inhabit our lives, homes and nations.

There’s just something about true heartfelt worship. In my own experience, I remember going into the secret place many times with a heavy heart. In such moments, my first instinct is usually to pray, but the moment I begin to sing and dance before my King, I sense the weight lifting. There’s truly something liberating about passing the buck to our Maker, the One who put His breath in us and made us, ‘a living soul’.

This is an invitation to everyone reading this post who hasn’t yet been reconciled to God through His Son Jesus Christ. Now is as good a time as any, friend. Would you ask Him to come into your heart today and be the Lord and Saviour of your life.


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