Uncharted Territory

But you should know that this is not uncharted territory, the whole premise is familiar, there is evil and you need protection.

All This Time

“All this time Since the day that I was born I’ve never known a time like this And I don’t wanna let you down..” – All This Time by Delirious?   There are times in our lives that we feel the weight of change. Sometimes it’s as simple as a change in the weather, clear…

This is War

The battle line is already drawn Soldiers are falling in line Troops are gathering strength The army is getting ready  Every hand is strong Preparing the­ weapons of warfare   In the thick of the battle There are no civilians No fences to sit on No middle grounds to lie on There is only life…

Your Worship is Warfare (2)

As the realities of life cave in on me, I have become more and more understanding of David’s line of thought, ‘I would have despaired, had I not believed…’.