All This Time

“All this time

Since the day that I was born

I’ve never known a time like this

And I don’t wanna let you down..”

All This Time by Delirious?


There are times in our lives that we feel the weight of change. Sometimes it’s as simple as a change in the weather, clear blue skies become filled with dark grey clouds and we know it’s about to rain. Sometimes it’s major like a change in seasons; Chelsea FC beat Liverpool FC in the community shield and you’re sure a fantastic premier league season full of blue England skies is about to start. Wives and girlfriends know that they’ll only have their men for at most 5 days a week. Sometimes it’s very personal, like a man becoming a father and knowing he’s about to have many nights with too little sleep. Or a child leaving home and her parent’s allowance money behind. One thing is certain, the true proof of the flow of time is change.

History has proven that the world as we know it can go through major change in a very short time. Our change is usually brought about by the weight of an intense season. The pressure shapes us into the outcomes of our choices. World war II, The Black Death and such periods in history have been known to produce some of the most extraordinary choices made by man. Some people saw beyond the challenges of the time and made choices that truly shaped and affected the future. And among these “choosers” were everyday people.

This is another intense season in human history. We can feel the weight of what is happening and we know the world would not be the same after this. Most believe, and I hope you would agree, that many of the worst case scenarios painted to us are quite far fetched. There is no cause for panic. Yet, we have never known a time like this. And, while the pressure would tend to push forward the baser version of ourselves, we must awaken to a greater sense of purpose. This is the time to make those defining choices and take solid strides.

God has destined and empowered the church to thrive in all seasons, and it seems especially so in tough times. Darkness has always been and will always be an opportunity for light. The greater the darkness, the greater the opportunity for, and value of, light. One common factor in times like this is fear. It can cause people to panic, make selfish, irrational and often destructive choices. Fear can cripple possibility and blur the picture of hope as people shrink back into self-preservation. That’s exactly why this is the time for the righteous to be as bold as lions. We would not cower into a corner to save ourselves. If we do, we would be doing the world an injustice, be letting down our Father who is on our side for the win, and be putting ourselves in danger of a future full of regrets. We will not be passive about this and not stretch beyond the norm. This season is exactly why we are where we are, have what we have and can do what we can do.

Heroes are not made for war, they’re made from war. We must be the bravest we’ve ever been and use the wisdom and power God has given us to push back the darkness till there is no trace of it left. Whatever it is that you do, whatever platforms you stand on, this is the time to give the world what you have been given by God. Be brave for your family. Stand up boldly for the body of Christ, for your community, for the nations and, last of all, for yourself.

It is inevitable that many in the world will only respond in fear or folly or selfishness. In light of this, here’s what the bible suggests:

“So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.” – Ephesians 5:15-17

This is the time to ask God what is His will for you and your family and community. You can stretch your faith for the whole world. It could be clandestine missions in the secret place of prayer or it could be that you become a “shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm” (Isaiah 32:2) when everything falls apart. It could also be that your work in these times would help shape what the unknown future would look like.

History has it that Isaac Newton came up with the Newtonian Laws during his self-isolation as the Black Death ravaged Europe. The book Mere Christianity was a result of the radio broadcasts C. S. Lewis did during World War II. Now is your chance, because we’ve never seen a time like this. 

Written by ©King of Fools, 2020



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