My Problem is my Perspective

My word for 2020 is release, “stop holding it”. I believe God is calling me to be more open and truthful in my relationships, I wouldn’t call myself a liar, I just hold a lot of things back :). The Bible says that the truth sets us free. In these few months, by speaking my truth, God has exposed so many lies the enemy has been telling me!

This week, I was talking to my friend about how the week had completely flown by, and I was starting to feel like I may not make my deadline for the end of April. You’re probably thinking, it’s only the first week of April, but once those days reach double digits, in my mind the month has ended. She, of course, pointed out that I was being ridiculous and I needed to chill.  

Here’s what I should have been doing with my mind, I should have been grateful to God for giving my heart the peace to work, and grateful for the items that I have been able to cross off my to-do list.  You’re probably thinking that it’s not such a big deal that I felt like I have not done enough, but it always begins from one thought of inadequacy, and before you know it, the devil has planted unwanted seeds in your heart and you find yourself down in the dumps, wondering, why am I sad?

Focusing on being thankful like the Bible says, forces us to acknowledge that our abilities come from God. In doing that, when we do fall short, to put it simply, we say, God could you please add to my ability. And following the word again, we are bold enough to cast that worry on God and leave it in His presence. 

Of course, this way of thinking does not in any way cause us to be mediocre because we are working as unto to God, just as the Bible commands us to. It causes us to live in peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. It’s possible to have peace and not have joy!

In this week, I am challenging you to be spiritually ‘woke’, refuse to dwell in negative thought patterns, and if you do find yourself going in that direction, bring it to light by talking about it, let God shine his light on your perspective.

May God be with you and yours! Amen. 


April 9th, 2020.


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