When I was growing up, there was a lot of control around the amount of sugar we could eat because sugar was so bad for us, we could only have a little. The problem was I had a sweet tooth so I would always take more when no one was looking.
When I became an independent adult, I realized that I liked eating healthy and I enjoyed the benefits of eating healthy, naturally my sugar cravings became much less and at times even non-existent. I came to understand that when my body was missing a necessary nutrient, it would crave for sugar, so when I had that craving, I started to recognize that at those moments, I needed to eat healthier.

This is essentially what grace and law is. God was tired of people being so focused on sin that He sent His son so that we could focus on our relationship with Him, a God-consciousness, if you like. He knew that if we focused on Him, He would be able to renew our minds such that we would be able to attain righteousness through Him, no longer by our own efforts, because He realized that our efforts were not working out so much.

How does this relate with my sugar cravings? Our relationship with God is a healthy meal, when we focus on a God consciousness, we are less likely to sin. And when we do get tempted with sin – sugar cravings, all we need to do is to go back to God and renew that bond. So simple, isn’t it?
If that wasn’t clear enough, think about how likely a car accident is when the driver is drunk compared to when they are completely sober. Our relationship with God makes us very alert and sober minded, when that relationship becomes distant, our defenses are down and we are more likely to sin.

It is fundamental to understand that our presence here is much more than making it to heaven, that’s the bare minimum, which is available to anyone who believes in Christ. More important is fulfilling the purpose which God has called each of us to, sin prevents us from fulfilling that, it makes us walk around in circles. Having said that, God still loves you, His image of you is that of Christ and a God-consciousness is what you need to move forward out of the cycle of sin and into purpose.

The devil understands that the greatest tragedy is to keep us from fulfilling our purpose because it would mean we were here for nothing, that’s why he keeps trying to distract us! Let God be the biggest thing on your mind, not out of fear but of relationship!
This week, live in a God consciousness by consciously spending time with God. What does that look like? For me it’s turning up some worship music, singing along, reading my Bible study plan, praying and speaking in tongues.

Writer: ©Tarajusttruth, 2020

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