Poems from the Fire: Stay Close

Stay close.

Even when the waters threaten

To submerge you

And the floods threaten 

To squeeze the life out of you

Keep breathing

Stay close. 

Even when your prayers

No longer roll off your tongue like butter

And every word seems to be bouncing

Off the walls 

Keep speaking

Stay close. 

Even when the music no longer moves you

And the songs no longer excite you like 

They once did

Keep singing

Stay close.

Even when the promises you once held dear 

Seem like they’ll never come to pass

Keep trusting

Stay close.

The faithful God is with You in the fire

Stay close.

The promise of joy is not a lie

Stay close. 

Your God will never fail

His word is true and right

Your feelings will never be greater 

So stay close





©Olamide Akappo

8th June, 2021

One Comment Add yours

  1. Azure says:

    Thank you for this my leidy. I needed this the most, now.


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