Jesus Is…


(Sometimes, it’s beautiful to imagine being the person in charge of giving Jesus a citation or an invitation to a table (He shakes my tables sometimes by the way lol). It makes me wonder if whatever I plan to say will carry the weight. Take a deep breath; bask in silence; breathe in and out; pause and then – speak! We get to be the voices that praise Him, regardless of how fine our words sound and here’s a little introduction to who Jesus is to me…)

How do you introduce the Beginning of the beginning?

How do you describe Eternity in a minute?

But this is what we do, every time we talk about Him,

Rhythm; rock; pop and blues, pumped into a hymn…

He is,

the One all the books from Genesis sought to reveal,

God walking the earth with humanity,

Divinity wrapped in mortality,

the blameless and sinless facing police brutality…

He is,

all of Heaven come down to earth,

the Owner of life giving chance to death,

all for the dictionary to witness birth,

Resurrection’s birth…

He is,

Time, Himself, entering history,

the Author and the Finisher within the story,

the Paradox that played the card of irony,

justice all wrapped up in mercy…

He is,

the everlasting Lover who keeps risking rejection,

choosing to die before a “yes” to His proposition,

the Song of Songs that stepped into Lamentations,

Love unreturned but still asking the question,

Love scorned but still high on invitation…

Jesus was; Jesus is,

Lord of lords; King of kings,

Son of God; the Promise,

the Beginning of beginnings,

Eternity in a minute,

a hand outstretched,

Jesus is….


Photo Credit: God Calling

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