Finding Wonder

Every day we’re alive,
We leak wonder.
Like raindrops from the sky,
Little drops make a mighty ocean.

What used to amuse us
No longer does
The company we cherished
Now bores us
The places we once loved to visit
No longer excite us

Once we were babes
Easily amused and entertained
By the silly cooing of our parents
Awestruck that we could vocalise words like ‘papa’
Amazed that our feet could carry us when we took that first step

Now we seldom remember
The falls and trips that got us here

How does one recover wonder?
How does the ocean of wonder become clouds again?
What happens when we let the wonderful One in?
The One who never tires of us
Who always delights in us
Who loves us unconditionally
We find it in Him
He is the Wonder-ful One

©Olamide Akappo, 2020

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