Hello 2022!

Whew! I might have heaved a huge sigh of relief at the final moments of 2021. Even though it seemed surreal that the year was over, wasn’t it just yesterday that we rang in the new year, 2021? The year started on a bittersweet note for me, things were not going as planned and despite all attempts to get them to (this thing called life!), I am happy to let you know that nothing worked. 

At some point in the year, it seemed like I was surrounded with so many closed doors and nothing seemed to be changing at the pace that I would have liked. What I know now is that God was changing me instead, and through the situations, He was teaching me to trust Him even without the answers. 

I was excited at the beginning of the year, I wrote my goals and dreams and committed them unto God. What I didn’t know then was that the year would not be measured in terms of accomplishments but in terms of growth. And guess what? Growth often happens in the unpleasant seasons of life, pruning is not a pretty process, is it? I learned to let go of things, of people, of places, of systems that I previously needed to function.

I was inadvertently living through an Isaiah 43:1-2 season, and boy it was intense. Intense on my emotions, my mind, my relationships. Sometimes, I’d be so lost in thought that I’d pass my stop on the way home. I sobbed, I cried, I got angry, I got impatient…the amazing thing is the Holy Spirit was there through it all, when I was ‘strong’ and when I was a mess. At every point in time, He was present. He was near. 

As fiery as the year felt, it was also a year full of miracles. It would take more than one blog post to unpack them all. God is faithful, friends and we can trust Him with different seasons of our lives. 

Enough about 2021, and welcome to 2022(better late than never, eh?). As the year stretches out, it’s normal to wonder what the future holds, it’s also wise to set the goals we hope to achieve. We will always have questions, after all, we see in part. Staying close to the God who has all the answers is so important (there’s no better person to travel with that the One who knows where the bends and curves are).

Have you made a decision to follow Jesus? The Bible says there’s no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. That’s how you know God’s plan for your life, that’s how you become more than a servant, that’s how you become a son. Tough seasons are part of life, but who/what is your anchor when life hits?  (JESUS IS MY ANCHOR)

Have an amazing 2022. Stay anchored!

©Olamide Akappo


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