Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s been 4 awesome years on WordPress so I figured it was time for a new introduction. Here goes:

My name is Olamide, I’m a Christian, I love the Lord and I’m learning to trust Him like a little child. I’m passionate about writing, missions work and being a medical doctor. I love my family and I’m grateful for them.

Writing is like fine wine to me, it’s my preferred means of expression and at the root of the words is a deep desire to write words from my Father’s heart.

I hope that this isn’t just another blog for you. I hope that you meet Jesus here, and you read Him in the words.  Most importantly, I hope when we meet,  you see me living out the very words I write.

Have a fabulous 2018

Olamide Oti


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  1. Hi Olamide. Keep dreaming big and keep the faith going. Read a couple of your post and I can only say it’s a great job you’re doing. keep the flag flying.
    God loves you so do I.


    1. Olamide says:

      Thank you Tolu, Nigeria is ours, and we must lift her up. God bless you.

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    1. Olamide says:

      Lol! Thank you I think.


      1. We can be Facebook friends if you’d like. I’m the one from Burlington,WI


  2. Refreshing to see a daughter before the king 🙂


  3. samyManyika says:

    Your blog is wonderful and captivates me..any advice for an aspiring/beginner blogger?


    1. Olamide says:

      Keep at it, you’ll do great. Thank you


  4. stepbystep says:

    Thank you Olamide!
    I’ll be following you from now on.
    If you want to do the same, feel free 🙂
    Take Care,
    God Bless

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