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For Abba

My eyes strain to see the end from the beginning Something only Yours were meant to do You watch as I go round in circles Turning to everything and everyone except You Trying to carry burdens my shoulders are too frail to bear Fear stares me in the face, Daring me to step out in… Continue reading For Abba

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The Wait

It’s been a long time, Lover Since my pen met paper to sing Your praises Apologies… But I’ve been too busy waiting, For You. I’ve been waiting for ages To see Your word become flesh You said the doors were open to me Yet it seems I’m stuck just at the entrance, Unable to step… Continue reading The Wait

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The Long Road Home

It’s dark here. The curtains are masks Protecting me from the mess in this place The bed smells of sex and cheap wine The floor is strewn with dirty clothes Last night’s meal found solace on the bathroom floor A bible, long forgotten lay in the corner Ghosts of memories past filter through Cracks in… Continue reading The Long Road Home

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As the tides rise And my fears with it My eyes search for the shore Looking wildly for arms made with clay As the waves billow You test the limits of my trust And ask me to come to You With steps barely a whisper, I crawl The ground quakes Disintegrating into a million pieces… Continue reading Machseh(Refuge)

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Let’s talk about weddings!

it has been a great journey so far with you guys. I decided to do something interesting this month.I would be inviting different writers to write on the above theme. If you would also like to contribute send in your story or poem to my email. Entries should be between 350-600 words. Sorry there's no… Continue reading Let’s talk about weddings!

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HIs Heartbeat, Her Pulse.

Dear Abba, One too many compromises later, my life is unattractive. I'm constantly walking in defeat, and living below Your standards. How can you love me still? Dear Child, I love you unconditionally, My trip to Calvary covered it all. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, then you would know that I… Continue reading HIs Heartbeat, Her Pulse.

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I love this poem! Its so true. He needs no perfect ones, only in Him can we be made perfect.

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I need no perfect ones
They are not my sons —
Those who love to sit in high places
And look down on the lowly with proud faces
It is ye who condemn on carnal basis
And wrap yourselves like kings in laces

I need no perfect ones
Those with loaded guns —
For they shoot at the frailty of the sinner
And cast him away like a loner
For envy, they would become greener
Until they see their neighbour become a moaner

I need no perfect ones
With self-righteousness in tons —
For with pride they are enriched
Carrying themselves in white gowns so bleached
But hiding away dark hearts so pitched
Till they shatter dreams and have good plans breached

I need no perfect ones
Who store up contempt like water in gallons
Contempt for the man guided by a different rule
Deeming him a pitiable one and…

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