Hi guys! this is a short story written by my lovely sister and upcoming writer, Gbenga Oti. Enjoy! She would appreciate your kind thoughts too, there just might be a sequel.
I had waited so long for the day when I would walk down the aisle, with my arms locked into my fathers’ and my eyes set on the man I love. Everything was going as planned, the venue was booked and invitations were sent out.
He travelled for a business meeting. The meeting was successful, I was speaking to him as he was about to board a bus back to Germany, all of a sudden the line went dead and his mobile phone was switched off. I found this very strange as he never switches off his phone, maybe his battery died. An hour later, my mind went into overdrive, flooding itself with multiple scenarios of what could have happened, none of which were good.
The days that followed were tortuous; it is commonly said that “it’s better for someone to die than go missing”, then I understood, you grieve everyday hoping that they will return. I couldn’t sleep, eat or concentrate on my work. I contacted the Embassy and the police in Sweden; I got the standard reply “we are working on it”, this was really frustrating. I could not just sit around and do nothing, what if he had been kidnapped, but why wasn’t anyone calling for a ransom, was he dead? but NO that cannot be. A week later, my phone rang, it was HIM, he said he would be back and the line went dead. He was alive, that was good enough for me.
Then again, two weeks of silence, I could not contact him. I began to worry again; at this point the date of our wedding had passed by, my dream wedding was in shambles, my man nowhere to be found.
A month later, the embassy finally responded, he was arrested for paying for a bus ticket for some men he had just met over lunch. These men were illegal immigrants (unknown to him), his story was verified. I was so happy all this was over, and he would be back by weekend.
Or so I thought…


Let’s talk about weddings!

Source: Google images

Source: Google images

it has been a great journey so far with you guys. I decided to do something interesting this month.I would be inviting different writers to write on the above theme. If you would also like to contribute send in your story or poem to my email. Entries should be between 350-600 words. Sorry there’s no reward or anything yet, this is for the love of the pen. It closes on 17th April, 2016. I am sorry in advance if your entry is not published.
Cheers to April, our month of weddings!

For our Country(A poem)

So in the spirit of independence day, I asked my friend and poet extraordinaire, Luke to do a piece and he did! Enjoy!

Arise O compatriots!
In selfsame manner as kings on chariots
Stand in defence of thy fortress tall
Wherein lie thy treasures great and small
For far too long thou hast laid down in silence
Or spoke with an air of indifference
Arise from the bed blessed with sloth
Your goods are threatened by rot and moth

To serve our fatherland
By the integrity of thy right hand
Nay be it that thou shalt have no home
Why intend building thy house on loam?
In a bid to quell thine own thirst
Thou wouldst subject thy brethren to die first
The land is ours and ours eternally
Let not thine own people grieve bitterly

The labour of our heroes shall never be in vain
With faith, our actions will be for a greater gain
A hero’s sweat and blood will not be futile
If we refrain from placing ourselves on exile
And though volcanoes blow and hearts melt
We would employ bravery for a belt
In recognition of the industry of our forefathers
We shall not leave our nation in tatters

One nation bound in freedom
All of us — not only those we give a warm welcome
By virtue of the diversity of tongues and origins
There is a difficulty in the pardoning of sins
But in acknowledgement of one another’s unique abilities
We’d be in abundance of good qualities
Then, at this point of reality
We can safely stay in peace and unity.

© Luke Ogar