Lord this one is for You I feel like we’ve reached a fork in the road of our relationship. One road is the narrow, dirt path designed to be the agonizing path upon which my pride dies a slow and horrible death. The other is the wide and generous easy way out. Paved with dangers… Continue reading Stalemate 


Of Birthdays and Reflections

A few weeks to my 21st birthday. I met my Lord. It wasn't until months later that I began to understand what this new life meant. Then words broke through the dam of self righteousness and flowed like a river. The beginning of my pen and paper romance. For many months after that I still… Continue reading Of Birthdays and Reflections

Daily writing challenge, Memoirs

Little Drops of Kindness. I am not the kindest person you will ever meet, and I have no idea how my friends put up with me. My instinctive answer to every question is a rude one, and I rarely apologise for it. Last year, during the strike that closed down all public Nigerian universities, I was home with… Continue reading Little Drops of Kindness.

Family, Memoirs

Daddy’s Little Girl

My earliest memory as a human was the day that I was born. I vividly recall my last night behind the walls that protected me and held me captive; smooth, firm, unyielding yet safe. The stranger whose uterus had imprisoned me had been restless all day. I had been tossed and turned in a million… Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl