Seek And You Shall Find

Much like Daniel (Daniel 10:12), the moment we decided to fast, God had answered our prayers.

At Peace, Not Unbothered

Right now, I have come to understand that trying to understand ‘the why’s’ of our lives sets us on a loop, and it is on this loop journey that we start to forget the goodness of God.

My Problem is my Perspective

My word for 2020 is release, “stop holding it”. I believe God is calling me to be more open and truthful in my relationships, I wouldn’t call myself a liar, I just hold a lot of things back :). The Bible says that the truth sets us free. In these few months, by speaking my…


“Peace not as the world gives”, this scripture has been ringing in my head since we have been shut down. To be honest, I’m not sure I understood this scripture until recently, the world is giving nothing but anxiety and worry at this point but God promised us peace in the midst of it.

Uncharted Territory

But you should know that this is not uncharted territory, the whole premise is familiar, there is evil and you need protection.

The Story of 2019; Grace like Rain

2019 has been a year of great grace. I encountered the grace and kindness of God in ways that I had not known before. This year, I learned how to fight- behind closed doors and on my knees. I saw God come through for me as the Lion of Judah, the Lamb, the Great Provider,…

On Family

I have always been enamoured with the concept of family, that everyone is connected to someone else. It is amazing that the world as we know it began with two people, Adam and Eve, and now there are over 7 billion of us with diverse tongues, tribes and belief systems each connected to several families….

And The Shofar Blew

What’s the first thought that popped in your heart as you read the title of this piece? Perhaps it reminded you of the book by Francine Rivers with the same title. I have read this book twice and it affected me deeply each time. It tells the story of a young pastor who missed the…