Perfectly Flawed

I, like the rest of the world am flawed in so many ways…more than even I can count.
What makes me different? I have realised that despite my many flaws, I am perfect still.
Like Adam, I was created  in His image, every suture and stitch perfect and without blemish.
I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

God made me from dust; every bone,  every muscle, every nerve and every blood vessel and best of all, he breathed life into me.
He looked at me so tenderly, the work of his hands and said that I was good. 

Despite all my eccentricities and weaknesses, He chose to love me.
I am the daughter of  the King. He accepts me in all my  perfectly flawed splendour and loves me still like only a father can.

Best of all, I believe it.