Cold Fire

Yesterday, everyone that hates us was tried and convicted
For stealing and looting
For the bombs that dropped on Baga
and the girls of Chibok
Today the sun will rise upon the graves of those who rest
Upon the hearts of those who endlessly hope

My name is Fatima and I live in a town
where peace is in prison and sanity is mad
There was a time when I was happy
When children were just children
and peace was free
Until they came with fire and fear the size of our town
I survived, you might say
But what is life when hope barely lives

Let us start a cold fire
A bloodless revolution
We have suffered far too long
In silence,

(c) Olamide Oti


Dream On!

For as far back as I can remember, books have been a part of my life. It was after reading Ben Carson’s ‘Gifted Hands’ at nine that I first thought of becoming a doctor. Before that, I had imagined that I would make a pretty good news lady, an amazing pilot and or maybe even a great FBI agent.
‘Gifted Hands’ inspired me to dream and reach for the stars. It was then that I decided that I wanted to be a doctor, a neurosurgeon perhaps.
When it was time to choose sides in high school, I almost settled for the arts out of the fear of the unknown, and the nagging feeling that I was not good enough.
Fortunately,  my mother was there to encourage me and steer me in the right direction.
I am so much wiser now though and I sometimes regret choosing to study medicine and surgery on the days when the stress and despair of patients that cannot be cured get to me. On the other hand, there is  nothing more satisfying than the knowledge that you made someone better and gave them hope somehow.

Although I am certain that neurosurgery is not for me. I know that I am here for a reason. A purpose so much bigger than my narrow field of vision  can see.
However, I realise that the dreaming stopped at “I want to be a doctor” and I cannot see any further than the much awaited MB;BS degree.
I have no desire to be a mediocre and I long to influence my generation and generations yet unborn. I need to begin to dream again and believe in myself and my ability to be better than I am now.

As Eleanor Roosevelt rightly said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the future of their dreams”. I believe in myself and in what I can achieve by His grace. Who knows? I may never practice medicine,  but whatever happens… I hope to be the girl who left an indelible mark on the world.

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