For Love, Poetry


my mind is a hollow mess of a thousand echoes bouncing off the walls of my heart they whisper to me in loud voices preying on labile feelings and desires my gaze rests upon glitters and sparkles with eyes like lust, I stare coveting the things I cannot have and the days long gone this… Continue reading heartstrings

Others, Poetry, Prophecy

The Rising

I see oil Trickling down Like droplets of rain In a storm a-rising I see Him- Potter Molding the clay to His will Drawing the hearts of fathers to himself Finding the lost and healing the broken I see fire Spreading relentlessly Through the hearts of men Like dry leaves in harmattan I see the… Continue reading The Rising

Dinah's story, Short Story

Broken…the finale.

Writing this story has been a great learning experience for me and I wish that it didn't have to end so soon. Enjoy! Free as a bird, To do as I please, To soar like the eagle, To overcome obstacles, To be rid of the chains that hold me captive, I long for freedom. I… Continue reading Broken…the finale.