Hidden Treasures

It is a book
That tells of history centuries old
Of thousands of years ago when life was simple
Of obedience, sacrifice and faith
Of my ancestral heritage
Of my future resting place

Each word fits in with the next like pieces in a puzzle
Rhyming together, in sync with another
Each verse, just as powerful as the last
A collection of 66 books written by different pens
Wielded by the One who made hands

It tells of a perfect God,
An imperfect people
Him as a consuming fire
A faithful Father
The I Am

It told me that I am not without identity
An alien and a stranger on this planet
A chosen generation
A royal priesthood
A holy nation

Told me that I know things
Have all things
Can do all things

Daily renewing minds
Dispelling myths
Words of wisdom for daily living
Teaching, edifying
Refreshing, revealing
Hidden treasures buried deep within
(c)Olamide Oti, 2014