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The Rising

I see oil Trickling down Like droplets of rain In a storm a-rising I see Him- Potter Molding the clay to His will Drawing the hearts of fathers to himself Finding the lost and healing the broken I see fire Spreading relentlessly Through the hearts of men Like dry leaves in harmattan I see the… Continue reading The Rising

For Love, Poetry

A Poem with no Title

Last night, we happened. Again The result of my failed resolutions and his empty promises, We were above this, or so I thought. Until, he touched me and I, him. I became a babbling toddler, who could not form words. The protests in my mind not quite making it to my lips. And so our… Continue reading A Poem with no Title

Dinah's story, Short Story

Broken…the finale.

Writing this story has been a great learning experience for me and I wish that it didn't have to end so soon. Enjoy! Free as a bird, To do as I please, To soar like the eagle, To overcome obstacles, To be rid of the chains that hold me captive, I long for freedom. I… Continue reading Broken…the finale.