We are changing,

No one stays the same.

But God does. 

He is as Emmanuel now as He was then

Sometimes, I am more more aware of Him

But it doesn’t change the fact that He never leaves. 

He is always there, peering into the room and asking to come in

Never forcing open the door even though He could

He is that gentle

My heart knows what my mind tries to deny sometimes,

I need Him.

I need Him more today that I did yesterday

I’ll need Him more tomorrow than I do today. 

There’s no point where all that I have tasted will ever be enough

I need Him.

I need Him just as much as I did the first time I acknowledged Him as Saviour,

Maybe even more

Definitely more

There are no oars to rest on

This is not a fishing expedition

This is life, real life

Let me be the one that points others to Jesus

But let that never be the true essence of my life

Let the true essence of my life be;

I have found a love greater than life itself

It’s the love of Jesus

My Saviour and Friend

And let this be enough

More than anything else can ever be.

©Olamide Akappo, 2020

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