Mama’s Voice

From turkeys stolen by an elderly man, who probably thought eating tomorrow’s turkeys would make the festival of garri and groundnut in the days to come more palatable; to the inhumane burning to death of human beings due to the explosive tendencies of our nemesis and savior, PMS. On to the exploitative tendencies of terrorists… Continue reading Mama’s Voice

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Hello everyone, this is my first featured article and it will run for a week. Enjoy! “At the moment of vision, the eyes see nothing.”  - William Golding, The Spire. Magical Books, a Nigerian social enterprise involved in reading advocacy was selected to, and did present an innovative poster at the just concluded 80th edition… Continue reading MAGICAL BOOKS AT IFLA CONFERENCE.

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Blessed Nigeria!

Hello, my name is Olamide and I am proudly Nigerian, on some days; but on others, not so much. Our characteristically green coloured passport could get me into a lot of trouble at any international airport. I would have to wait for hours to go through the rigors of getting searched by airport security like… Continue reading Blessed Nigeria!