Happy New Year!

I think it’s really beautiful that we get to start afresh, year after year. The beginning of a new year means many different things to different people. As usual, some people draw us resolutions and things they would like to focus on in the new year.

At the end of the day, nobody wants to live a purposeless existence. 2020 was a good year, all things considered. It was challenging with a ton of surprises and unexpected events, but at the end of the day, through the grace and mercy of God we made it!

I’ve been taking my time to really sit with the Lord as He directs my thoughts and desires in the way that He wants me to go. He has seen it all- every day in this year has already been seen by my Father, and now He’s walking me through it. How awesome is this?!

So dear friends, I think 2020 taught the world a valuable lesson; we don’t really have as much control as we thought we did. So plan by all means, but involve God in your plans, and goals. He cares about it all!

I hope you have a truly amazing year. I pray that God will lead us and be with us through the different seasons that life may bring. May the peace of God rest upon you and all that’s yours. Here’s to the so much more that God will do in and through our lives.


©Olamide Akappo, 2021

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