So you think you have a voice.

Recently, I have been pondering on how opinionated our generation has become. Social media has given us a gift, the ability to connect with millions of people whom we have never met through various applications. However, it comes with an array of disadvantages just like everything else. The disadvantages are subtle, but very harmful if we’re oblivious to them. Gradually, in a room full of family, no one is speaking or truly connecting, and our attention span is taking a dive daily. Honour seems archaic and foolishness is celebrated.

Because social media gives us access to people we don’t really know, there is a tendency to take this as a license to be unruly in our behaviour. Sometimes, the first comment we want to add to a post isn’t a friendly one and we may have even posted it if we hadn’t heard the ‘still, small voice of the Holy Spirit’ warning us not to. I remember a tweet I posted a couple of years ago about a certain leader. What I had tweeted wasn’t exactly incorrect but it was dishonoring the person who was the President of Nigeria at the time and I had to take it down.

These are real people. People who have families who love them, people who have feelings and emotions just like us. We must be slow to speak, even on social media. We must learn to honour people even if they don’t deserve it.
Through His life and teachings, Jesus modeled this. I remember the story of the adulterous woman whose punishment was to be death by stoning. Imagine for a moment that this woman was on Facebook and her story broke the news this morning, I know that many people like the men that surrounded her would have sent her some vile comments, wishing death upon her.

We have to fight for a heart connection in our generation, the ability to be able to sincerely connect with people on some level. Or we would struggle hard to connect with the next generation. Our parents didn’t have the distraction of social media when they were raising us, yet connecting with us was nothing short of a miracle.

So you think you have a voice? What are you going to use it for? Would you make a conscious decision to honour the next person as if they were your own brother? When the time comes, would you speak for justice and fairness even if its unpopular?

We are learning to love like Jesus everyday, and this means swimming hard against the tide of what has now become acceptable in our culture today.

Share a comment below, I would love to learn from you too. How are you taking steps to ensure that you preserve a heart connection with the next person? How are you making sure that social media remains a tool in your hands and not the other way around?

©Olamide Oti

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TheGee says:

    Make sense!!!


    1. Olamide says:

      Thank you, glad you thought so!


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