Of Pandemics and the Fear of Death

I find it somewhat amusing the excited way in which people sometimes report the news or the rumors that they have heard in relation to the current pandemic that has given all other news headlines a run for their money. They say it in an excited tone of voice, “Oh did you hear that this President or that Governor has been infected?”. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a ‘they’ sometimes too and I totally understand how that excitement is a cover-up for the fear and anxiety that sometimes creeps into our subconscious. 

When this whole thing first started to make waves, and like a dream began to spread to different countries via international travel. I remained resolute in my stance that it could not come near me. I knew it wasn’t just any disease, this as the Bible would say, is a plague. The same Bible tells me that plagues can’t infect me, and so every time I heard the news or saw the statistics, I would pray for those affected and reiterate, it won’t come near me. But as the weeks rolled by, my bold declaration seemed to be winding down to an unsure whisper, and questions began to come up in my heart. 

One day, I felt the Lord hit me over the head with this statement, ” it is prideful to think that if you keep feeding yourself with the meat of fear, you won’t like Peter almost drown in places where you once walked “. I was reminded of the importance of guarding my heart because as stormy as things are all over the world, I still want to walk on water. I don’t just want to get by and survive (which I will by the way), I want to thrive in the middle of a drought and see God’s Kingdom come in a mighty way on the earth (and it will, Amen). There’s so much buried in these season that we won’t see if we keep our eyes on the storm and not on the Saviour and Hope of the world-Jesus (this may not make much sense to you if you don’t know Him but follow me).

Before I met Jesus, I was afraid of dying because I knew the fate of someone who died without having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ ( I went to church but I was still on the way to hell). This continued until I came to the point where I became okay with the worst case scenario so that I could continue living in sin and not feel bad about it (yea right). God kept up the chase, not relenting for a moment. He would come through the lives of my Christian friends, through a sermon I had heard before, through the memory verses I had learned in Sunday school (shout out to Sunday school teachers), through the preaching of the gospel. He chased until I responded, and I can boldly say this has been the best decision I have ever made. The day I met Jesus was the same day I lost my fear of death. 

However, when I began to focus on the news headlines, my heart became open to fear, and like the disciples in the stormy sea, I began to ask, “Master, Master, do you not care that we’re perishing?”. The truth is this, I have been made right with God through the Blood of His son Jesus who has made me friends with God. God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind. He said with long life He will satisfy me and show me His salvation. This is what I choose to focus on. The word of God is my source of hope and comfort (what’s yours?). It assures me in ways no earthly strategy can, I am safe in His everlasting arms. 

What is your source of hope in these difficult times? How have you been faring with the compulsory holiday? Or how have you been coping if you’re working on the frontlines? (Comment below!)

Now is as good a time as any to become a friend of God too and to be free from the fear of death. With as much faith as you can muster, just pray, ” Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today through the Blood of Your son Jesus. I believe He died, was buried, and was raised to life for my sins. Please forgive me of the past and give me a whole new start. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and help me to live for you.” 

If you prayed this prayer, I pray that God will lead you to a local church and that you will become established in your faith and lead many more to Jesus. 

©Olamide Akappo (nee Oti)




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  1. Nezeyi says:

    My source is always God in any difficult time! This is something I wish I had learned to do earlier.


    1. Olamide says:

      Also something we will all probably keep learning to do! Our education continues until we see Jesus face-to-face. Glad you came by!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tara says:

    I started off with anxiety then fear then peace then anger. In the past week, I was a lot like the disciples saying “Master, Master, do you not care that we’re perishing?”. In this week, by God’s grace, I’m learning all over again to trust and pray even if I don’t understand. No one does! But no matter what the future looks like, God is in it, and it should be okay for us.


    1. Olamide says:

      Hey thereTara! Thanks for being so honest about your journey. I believe that God’s grace will be sufficient for us and that we’ll come out stronger on the other side of this.


  3. Ada says:

    “The day I met Jesus was the same day I lost my fear of death.”
    This sentence 🤩
    So apt 😌
    Well done!


    1. Olamide says:

      Thank you Ada

      Liked by 1 person

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